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Monday, September 28, 2009

Yahoo Group

Hi Everyone,

A month or two ago I got an e-mail from Elizabeth saying she would like to start a Yahoo group where women who were going through Freedom from Emotional Eating could get together and share their journeys. I thought it was a great idea.

She has it up and running now and the link is Just cut and paste that into your browser and it should direct you to the site. The name of the group is FFEE, so if the link doesn't work just do a search for FFEE at Elizabeth is the moderator, so she can answer any questions you have when you join the group.

I'm really happy she had this idea and was willing to set it up as I am a hopeless non-techie! This should be a great place to get encouragement and help as you go through the Bible study. I'll be checking in from time to time as well, so if you have questions, go ahead and ask them in the forum - we can all help each other.

Hope to see you there!



Brenda said...

Barb, I can't get that link to work. I copied and pasted, but it said group not fund. I would like to join this because I think it would help me with your study.


Unknown said...

Hi Brenda, Try doing and then when it says search for a group, put in FFEE. Hopefully that will work for you. If not, I'll check with Elizabeth for more ideas. It worked on my computer to cut and paste, but maybe it only works on certain computers. As you can see I am a hopeless techie person! Barb

eliz said...

Hope to see everybody join us at the group!!!