And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. John 8:32

Monday, August 31, 2009

That looks good. I think I'll have it.

I can’t believe summer is over and fair week is here again. Yesterday was entry turn in day, so the house was full of art projects and baked goods ready to go to the fair. Unfortunately, the kitchen is still full of baked goods, and I noticed them right away this morning when I went to get my coffee.

I began the morning with a bite of a chocolate brownie and one and a half sugar cookies. You’ll be proud to know I resisted the chocolate chip cookies. Although, technically, that’s not breaking my boundaries since I could look at the eating occasion as a very unhealthy breakfast, I decided to truth journal anyway because I know from past experience that breakfasts like that always make me eat poorly the rest of the day.

Beliefs: (Upon seeing the cookies) 1. Oh, that would be good. 2. I think I’ll have one (or two). 3. I’ll just call it breakfast.


1. Oh, that would taste good, but it wouldn’t actually be good. After all, what is good? Is it something that’s fun and satisfies my desires or is it something that leads me toward God? Cookies and brownies that early in the morning won’t lead me to God – they’ll lead me to a day of craving more cookies and brownies in a house that’s full of cookies and brownies. That’s not good!!!

2. This isn’t a belief. It’s a decision, so you can’t really journal it.

3. I’m only calling it breakfast to justify eating it. In reality, it’s a crummy breakfast – not filling, not healthy, and not a great provider of energy. I’ll have to be really careful today and journal every bite that goes into my mouth outside my boundaries - because I know from past experience that 19 times out of 20, when I begin the day with sweets, I end the day with regrets.


Unknown said...

I like your new format. I haven't been on here in a while but was pleasantly surprised when I checked today and there were 2 new blogs. I can relate to this one, if it looks good I think I'll have it! Or just thinking about eating causes me to think I have to have something. I am struggling right now with out of control hormones from my irregular menstrual cycle. It's been harder than usual this past week. Can you write an example of something like that? Once I have my monthly, my emotions aren't so irrational. Maybe I am missing the boat completely, maybe it's all in my head and not my body? Thanks Barb! Kathy

Unknown said...

Sure, Kathy, I'll give that a try - probably some time this week. No, I don't think it's all in your head. We definitely crave more at certain times of the month. I know back when I was truth journaling for anger I probably journaled once a day most of the month and three or four times a day right before my period! (And no, that doesn't mean everyone was nastier to me right before my period!)