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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coming Soon: Christian Weight Loss App

Note: This app is now available. Click here to see the app in the iTunes store.

Last year I was teaching a Bible study on habits and emotions to a group of teenagers when one of the boys in the class said, "Hey, you should put these questions on an iPhone app - call it iBarb!"

I laughed. iBarb. That would be fun - but of course I would never be capable of making an iPhone app.

Still, I thought, it was an interesting idea: an app that wouldn't just track behavior, but would help you renew your mind so you wouldn't even want to do your behavior.

The next Bible study I taught was an eating class for women. In that class I had questions and Bible verses similar to the ones I've posted on my other blog.

We all found the questions and Bible verses helpful for following our boundaries, but they were in a three-ring binder - they weren't always available in the moment of temptation.

So I thought of the app again. Wouldn't it be nice to have the questions readily available on an app?

The idea would have stayed in the back of my mind except for one little coincidence: I have a son who actually programs iPhone apps for a living.

So I called him and nervously started working on the project. Half a year later (after writing and rewriting the questions a million times), it's ready go. It was approved by Apple a few days ago and should be out in two or three weeks.

The app has 32 different sets of questions (including insecurity and worry which I've been making use of lately) and over 150 Bible verses you can use in the moment of temptation to help you actually want to say no to temptation.

And although this app is specifically targeted to eating boundaries, I've used it with some of my other bad habits and it works if I mentally adapt the questions a bit. It's also helpful for anyone who wants to break free from their negative emotions. (The anger questions and Bible verses I posted a few weeks ago on my other blog are on the app.)

I'll be sharing a bit more about the app in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I'll be busy using the app because this whole process is making me want to eat!

P.S. I posted this entry at my other blog and then realized I should post it here too in case some of you aren't following my other blog. I'm also thinking of doing a three week long weight loss class (with five posts per week) starting sometime in the next two or three weeks - so check back if you'd like to join us! Also - the app will be called ideserve or I Deserve a Donut - not iBarb!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Where is the other blog? I'd be interested in the 3 week class - how do I find it?

Unknown said...

Sorry about that - I think there was a link to it, but it might be hard to see on some people's computers. It's If you look up at the top right of the blog, you should be able to click on that too to get there. Thanks for asking!

Unknown said...

I'll try to decide in the next couple of days about the class and post a notice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I do see it now and I jumped over there and subscribed to that blog as well. Hope you do decide to do the 3-week class! I'm heading to my iPhone to get the app. :) -Lynne

Unknown said...

Great Lynne - I'm glad you signed up! You won't actually be able to buy the app for two or three weeks. Plus I guess I should have mentioned what it was going to be called - it's ideserve on the little button, but I think the official name is I Deserve a Donut - I'll put a link to it on the blog as soon as it hits the store.