And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. John 8:32

Monday, January 16, 2012

Are You Comfortable?

Do you ever say you’ll do something for God and then have second thoughts when you find out how hard it is?

I’m guessing that’s how Peter felt when he found himself walking on the water in the midst of a raging storm. What have I gotten myself into?

His enthusiasm for Jesus was enough to get him out of the boat, but it wasn’t enough to sustain him once he got an eyeful of the waves.

What strikes me about this passage* is that Peter wouldn’t have been in such a pickle if he hadn’t loved Jesus so much. If he had just stayed in his nice, safe, comfortable boat, he wouldn’t have been in a position to panic.

It was when he loved Jesus enough to get out of the boat that all his troubles started.

I see this at work in my own life. I want life to be easy. I want it to be comfortable. But I also love God, and He keeps asking me to do things that are uncomfortable and difficult.

The worst thing I can do—and it’s often the thing I find myself doing—is to say yes to God, leap out of the boat, and then forget about Him while I look in dismay at all the waves lapping at my feet.

Especially when Jesus is standing there with His hand reaching out to take hold of me.

It’s the worst of both worlds. Not only do I miss out on the comfort of the boat, I also miss out on the comfort of His arms wrapped around me in the midst of the storm.

Not to mention the fact that I can’t walk on water without His help.

Like Peter, I need to be reminded to grab hold of His hand.

Today—thanks to His help in the middle of the night—I’m remembering.

And even though I’m uncomfortable . . . I’m comfortable.

* Matthew 14:23-33


Anonymous said...

Barb - I really enjoy clicking through your archive. It gives me so much hope. You posted below: 9/23/06 For the first time in thirty years, I don’t feel like food has control over me, and I don’t fear it. Yet I walk each day in His grace, knowing that it could control me again and praying that God would give me the strength as I need it.
---- I think I forget that too - then become too confident that I won't fall back into old habits - and look, here I am again.. back to where I started... I need to remind myself so much that He loves me and doesn't want me to battle this on my own because it leads to so much self loathing for not being perfect.

Unknown said...

Hi CJ,

It's interesting to see what I wrote 5+ years ago. I still don't fear food, but not because I never slip into bad habits. The reason I don't fear it is because I know that the Bible works. God really does free us with truth.

If I find myself slipping, I just start renewing my mind again and I'm back to following my boundaries again.

Yes, there is hope! At the beginning it takes a lot of work to apply the truth, but after awhile it takes less time.

I'm excited to see what God will do in you, CJ!

Camillia said...

This past Saturday as I cried out to the Lord, i was emotionally distraught.As I prayed that God would show me how much He loved me and that I didn't deserve it but I needed a touch from Him..Spiritually speaking I saw Jesus reach out his hand to me.This post is a great biblical reminder and picture of our Saviour reaching out His hand to His disciple.Amen.My turn... What do I do with it? Two-fold.Thank you Barb :0

Barb said...

Hi Camillia, I'm sorry I'm replying to your comment so late. I had saved it on my emails to answer and then have gotten behind on my emails!

I have often cried out to God as well, asking the Holy Spirit to minister to me. It's so hard to work on breaking free from strongholds and we need His presence to soothe us and help us.

He always is there, waiting to help. I love that you could see Him reaching out His hand to you. Praying that He will continue to give you to sustain you as you walk with Him every day.