And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. John 8:32

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I already broke the boundaries, so I might as well eat a big slice of cake, too.

Usually the phrase “might as well” is used to imply that we’re going to make the best of a situation. I might as well stay home and do the laundry since it’s such a rainy day, we might say, or I might as well stop at the library since I have to go to the store anyway.

But am I really making the best of a situation when I say, “I might as well eat this huge slice of cake since I already broke my boundaries?” I don’t think so.

Why? Because what I’m really saying is this, “Since I’ve already done one bad thing, I might as well do another bad thing.”

That would be like saying, “I already flunked one test; I might as well quit studying for the year,” or “I already broke my budget; I might as well buy that new car I've been wanting.”

Two wrongs don’t make a right. (I'm sure your mom would agree.)

What we really should be saying is this, “I better study hard for the next test, so I don’t fail the course. I better be careful not to spend any more money, so I have enough to pay the rent. I better make sure I don’t break my boundaries again, so I’m not tempted to binge.”

The next time you break your boundaries, do this for me. Grab your lie-truth chart as soon as you can and record the lies you were telling yourself that made you break your boundaries.

Then ask yourself, “What would Jesus say?” Would He say, “You know, Barb, you'll have to go back to being good tomorrow, so you might as well be really bad tonight," or would He say, “You will feel so much better if you stop right now,Barb. Pick up my Word and read it; I have some verses in there that will give you the strength to do hard things”?

Record the truth; believe the truth; and act on the truth. And don’t break your boundaries again! After all, you might as well stick to them if you want to lose weight!


Guy and Adele Minix said...

Your words really struck a cord with me. Thank you!

Paula said...

Amen! Instead of "I might as well", I think I'll try to stick to "I better not".

Unknown said...

"I better not." - I like that! Barb

Angela said...

This was awesome..thanks...I find when I'm getting those thoughts, all I keep hearing is the Lord telling me, "your opening a door Angela, and you DON'T want that door opened"..I DON'T want to be disobedient to Him. I don't want to eat just because. I truly believe it just doesn't effect my weight, but my spirit, my faith, and it touches my family just spreads!